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Norton 360 For Windows Secure VPN Feature Unreliable

The Secure VPN feature on Norton 360 for Windows is failing to work properly.  At random times while I'm connected to VPN, my computer displays the icon that I have no internet connection, Microsoft Outlook desktop app looses its connection, and my Google Drive for desktop has no connectivity.  I'm still able to access internet webpages just fine though.  I've attempted to get support from Norton 4 times now and I just keep getting transferred around, or when I call they say tier 2 has the ticket and is working on it, but I get no email like I'm supposed to with a ticket number, they say Tier 2 will call you back and do I get a callback NO!.   So aside from Nortons horrible customer service can anyone shed some light on what the cause of the VPN feature messing up connectivity of my apps and making windows think that there is no internet connection?

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Re: Norton 360 For Windows Secure VPN Feature Unreliable

just my 2 cents here may or may not help

in the vpn settings there is a setting kill switch ( think its called) may want to check if that is on

as for the connection itself it could be your network adapter

from time to time mine seems the need to be reset ( usually after some update )

may try using the network troubleshooting may find the problem

would seem to me a network / connection issue if the signal/ connection goes out randomly


Re: Norton 360 For Windows Secure VPN Feature Unreliable

Kill switch is not turned on.  I don't think its a network adapter issue because I am able to access webpages.  Its just my computer at a certain point shows the local network connection only icon with no internet, even though I can still access websites, but certain internet accessing application connections get blocked like Outlook, Google Drive, my computers diagnostics software.  I checked the firewall settings as well and these applications are set to allowed.  The only solution is to disconnect the VPN.

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