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Norton Cleanup Task be causin meh greif

I can't say for sure, but not long after I made the jump to Windows 11, I noticed a pop-up window appearing/disappearing every 20 minutes. Too fast for me to read it. So I used  Powershell, Task Scheduler and msconfig to narrow down the cause... named in said subject. The next two photos capture the pop-up 20 minutes apart.

Here's the task schedule:

Disable it in the Task Scheduler Library and the pop-up goes away... which also suspends a valuable task.

The photo below is the only concrete reference to a 20 minute interval.

I am uncertain if the change occured as a result of moving to Windows 11, or a Norton patch/update as a result of the new OS. Any gnus from the gurus?

Thanks for considering my post

Kindly, dan



Re: Norton Cleanup Task be causin meh greif

Update: one Windows 11 update and one Norton patch update later, no change. I tried enabling NortonCleanupTask after each and the symptom returned.

I should clarify my references to a "pop-up" was colloquial, not intended to be technical. Before I learned this was a Norton task, the appearance seemed to look like a CMD window opening/exiting. My regrets for misleading anyone.

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