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Norton sign off on restart

It might be normal, but.

When i restart(only restart) my pc and all programs and tray icons are loaded. Norton go's from green to red a brief moment ussualy only a second. On time i opened Norton360 after restart and when i ran Norton closed its service for a few maybe 5 seconds.

After i changed in the settings "scan on start" it don't happen again.

I asume this is becaus of loading the program. But just to be sure?



Re: Norton sign off on restart

depends on when you see this

if you are noticing in the system trays the ion appear it means that its loading ( normal)

on mine it appears just before ( minute or so ) before its finally loaded everything at start up when i notice it

i suspect that this could be what you are asking about

if not please correct me


Re: Norton sign off on restart

After its loaded the tray icon shows green. then it changes to red a brief moment.

One time i opened Norton 360. Usually u see all tools, smart scan, security, etc.. But when the tray icon did go red so was the Norton 360 software i opened. it went back online after 5 seconds or so. It only happend once.

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