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Windows 12 and VPN WiFi Icon

I just had to update my wife's laptop to Windows 11. I have Norton on all my computers. None are Win11 though.

All computers show the WiFi icon in the right corner. Also they all show that the Norton VPN is connected above the Home WiFi link.

This does not. It is connected. I checked the IP. But is there an option I am missing that has to be set to  shown that?

OH..I did notice that Windows11 has its own VPN and that there is a menu. I assume this might be the problem? But I cannot find out how to set that up. See photo.

I still cannot connect to Norton's "CHAT" via the "Help" icon on the Main Menu. It comes up the instantly changes to my account. But that is another issue.



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Re: Windows 12 and VPN WiFi Icon


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