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How to use newly installed Password Manager on iOS

I have PM correctly installed, signed in & all set up, but I can’t get it to work. I go to sign into a website & Norton/my email appears & I click on it. Next, I hit the + sign in Norton Password Manager. Then, I click on the website & there’s no Password there. I click to generate new Password, but website doesn’t recognize new Password. I have Key Chain turned off. My old Keychain Password doesn’t work either. So, I click on Forgot Password. Website sends a link to create a new password. Norton/Email icon appears above keyboard & when I click on it, it correctly types my email address as my Username. However, when I click on Password, website won’t accept my old Keychain Password, so I don’t know what to put in Old Password box? This varies with the website. On some sites, I can list my old Password in the box with no problem. But, in either case, when I go down to click on New Password, Norton icon appears above iPhone keyboard, I click on it & it takes me to Norton Password Manager. Again, I get name of website, etc. There’s no Password in the box. I ask Norton to generate a strong Password & it does. I go down to the box to confirm new Password, I’ve had issues, but if I click on this box a few times, Norton correctly fills it in. But, the website will not accept any of this. I did everything correctly. So times when I click on the Confirm New Password box, Norton incorrectly takes me back & generates a New Password, which I don’t want. I simply need it to confirm the detailed Password it already generated as my New Password. I am extremely frustrated. I am go into to next try going back to Settings & click on both Norton & Keychain Password Manager. I’ve done this before. It will fill in Old Password. Then, I click on Norton to generate New Password, which it does. But, when I go down to complete Confirm New Password & click a few times, Norton either fills in the Password it generated, or gives me a new one, which I don’t want. What I’m saying is even when I am able to complete Old Password box, get Norton to generate a New Stronger Password & again confirm that Password, the website will not accept this & allow me to sign in. This is true pretty much across the board with most websites. I feel like I’m so close. But, my God, what a mess. Whoever created this software did not do it for folks who are not computer savvy. Does any have any suggestions? Otherwise, I’m stuck calling Norton Customer Service & being on the phone forever, which I’m trying to avoid. Thank you.



Re: How to use newly installed Password Manager on iOS

The problem with Norton’s password manager is that if the url is slightly different from that which is already stored it will show a create login box at the top of the manager, this can easily be mistaken for a login box so a user clicks on this only to be asked to create a password. This has fooled me several times.

If you choose search & find the entry rather than use this box then the log in should show.

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