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How to block Script control

I am totally fed up with this function on Norton - I have Norton 365 and I have wasted hours over the last 3 weeks trying to 'undo' and 'restore' the scripts to pdf files which I've received and which are completely normal and legitimate -they are engineers reports which I need to be able to access and read!

I have tried in vain to follow your guidance to change the Script settings which are supposed to be under 'Norton Script Control setting' found in a tab in the Norton Antivirus Settings page.  You can turn off this feature or modify its ".  No matter how many times I 'restore' my pdf files as soon as I download them again Norton removes the script!!


I have searched amongst the community and tried the advice given here


Unfortunately I haven't been able to find this on my laptop.

The whole point of paying for a security system such as Norton is that as clients we shouldn't have to spend hours every week trying to undo something that Norton insists on doing and which we don't want it to do!! Similarly if we have to 'adjust' the Norton 'standard' to our needs it should be relatively easy to do so and not cost us hours of our time getting nowhere!   I have been a Norton client for almost 10 years now and to be honest I am getting fed up having to waste my time trying to use it- whether it's NPM or this issue with Script control.

Sorry for the rant but this is becoming more than tiresome..



Re: How to block Script control

Does this help?

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