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VPN Stopped Working

360 "Deluxe". Out of nowhere about a little over a Month ago my VPN shut down (since the building owners Router has No Security & No Password I must hide Everything via a VPN, 24/7 but with kill switch on it just Shut Off. I Chatted with an agent immediately & he Uninstalled & Reinstalled my Norton 360 Deluxe (Remotely) & the VPN still wouldn't turn on. Takes almost 5 whole minutes repeating "connecting" then finally says Unable to Connect VPN at least 50 times in the last month alone. Nevermind everything else that's private but my 6 Credit Cards, 2 Bank Debit Cards, Streaming Channels, Passwords a million things waiting to be taken like candy from a baby & plunging me over a million in the hole, which I don't have does Anybody out there know what I can do. After the first failed night with Norton via that Chat he told me himself or someone from a Escalated Special Response Team would call me back the next day. It took 3 days & they missed me. See I'm going in soon for a life saving Transplant & the closer it gets a certain specialist may need me in the hospital for 2 or 3 days. Or due to a Hepatic Coma I could get rushed to the ICU for 3 to 7 Days. The latest call from Norton on my voicemail said they called 4 Days ago & they'd try me in another 48 Hours. Never did. Should I just go to another company at 20 to $25 the first year for the same if not better coverage & VPN just to get protected. I don't have much faith I have any longer with Norton.