Suspected scam email?

Below is an email I have recently received. On first glance it appears legit however after logging in to my Norton account separately and searching Norton website I can find no reference to this free service offered by Norton.



Norton Extras
above and beyond your paid subscription at no additional cost


Norton Extras currently available for you:


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Norton Customer Care


Get expert help from a Norton Customer Service agent to help make your old PC or Mac run like new.1



Call now: (020) 7949 0005


Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
(English only)




Need Help? Chat with Member Services & Support



1 This Norton Extra must be redeemed before the end of your current subscription period. Standard call rates apply dependent on your phone provider. We reserve the right to update or end this Norton Extra at any time. Hours are English only. This benefit will be available for redemption each year when you have an active, automatically renewing security subscription.

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Re: Suspected scam email?

Check the sender's email address against this information.    Is this email from Norton legitimate?   If not found, it is a scam.

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Re: Suspected scam email?

not sure if this is same one recieved in last week or so by many that had a offer to do some upgrade and have the renewal higher


Re: Suspected scam email?


Thanks for that. Very useful link. This is the email address <> so it seems my suspicions were correct as it doesn't appear on the list. I have forwarded it to Norton. I have to say it was well written and tempting but glad I stopped to think! If something looks too good to be true it probably is!!!


Re: Suspected scam email?


This is the email address <> so it seems my suspicions were correct as it doesn't appear on the list. 

 '' does appear on the list:

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