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BSOD: Unexpected Store Exception

All too often, shortly after I start my computer I get a blue screen with error code "unexpected store exception".  Researching this has led me to many sites including Microsoft that recommend uninstalling Norton as one solution.  I have not found anywhere that Norton has addressed this.

If you have had this issue on a windows 10 pc and were able to resolve it please let me know.

I am using Norton 360 and My Norton.

The screenshot is not from my computer but the attached is what it looks like.

Steps to reproduce: Start computer

Thank you.


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Re: BSOD: Unexpected Store Exception

Your image does not give enough information to diagnose the reason for the BSOD. We need to know what files are involved in causing the issue.

You can view the BSOD dumps using Nirsoft's Bluescreen View from here.  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html (link is external) Then you can post screenshots here for help in diagnosing them. Instructions to post screenshots can be found here

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