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Norton Account Support

Hello, Norton Support and the community,

I have had Norton security in the past, and therefor have an account with you. I was with BullGuard Premium with protection for up to 10 devices. You recently purchased BullGuard and have therefor, have taken over the security of my systems, which is interesting. I follow the instructions and downloaded your software and updated my system. On my account page it shows that I have a Norton Go Premium subscription yet when I download you software it shows up as Norton 360 for Gamers. In my opinion I should be on the Norton 360 Advanced subscription as this is the only subscription that covers most of what I originally purchased from BullGuard. I have been looking into consumer rights with regards to this issue. But I will give you a reasonable amount of time to fix the problem. Ignoring you customers will not look good in a court of law.  I would like to know how, 'you or I', fix this? And by the way, I already have a subscription for a password manager and have not enabled your software effort at it, yet when I start the Norton program it looks like it 'on', and then it quickly switches off. Strange things are happening with you 'Norton'.

Kind Regards,