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cloud backup after reinstall

Computer had a hard drive problem and many things were lost.  Had to reinstall Norton from scratch.  Wanted to restore files I had in cloud backup, but in norton it wants me to setup cloud backup again.  There is no restore option.  I checked my online account and there is a backup set.  How do I restore it.  I'm afraid if I setup back up again it will overwrite my good set



Re: cloud backup after reinstall

After reinstalling Norton you are going to have to set up your backup set again anyway. If you have the storage room in the cloud, you should just go ahead and set it up again. If you don't have enough storage available, just start the backup set setup with a few files for now. You can add the rest later.

Now you should be able to start a Restore from your My Norton 360 interface. Click on the down arrow beside Run Backup by the Cloud Backup feature. Then click on Restore Files and follow the prompts for restoring the backup you have saved.

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