Bypassing Instant lock / Time restriction

Hi All

I have put the post before but after few responses from Norton Support is unable to fix issue with Huawei even if device is manufacture before the year which support stated on statement. Strangely I’m able to download app in paly store so if not supported why I have manged to download it?  

The same issue with bypassing instant lock or time restriction I was able to recreate on Samsung Galaxy S21 . I have provided videos how easy to bypass the lock but since I have sent it no one of the Norton Support colleague have responded.

I have paid for product which did not work since day one. Can anyone suggest any alternative as Norton clearly not able to deliver functionality advised on this product.

Perhaps it’s better to remove it from the offer rather than convicting customers its great Parental tool.

This this app works its basically hard to set up. App  should work from the moment its installed with not need of changing a lot of settings past installation.



Re: Bypassing Instant lock / Time restriction

Thanks for sharing the video explaining the issue. We went through the video and tried reproducing internally and found that it is not straightforward or easy for a child to tamper. The moment child starts interacting with the mobile, block screen will again be shown immediately.

Please note that the tamper is not permanent and our service keeps monitoring for any further user interaction and blocks immediately. However, we will analyze further and provide a fix as early as possible.



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