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Norton 360 Notifications do not work as documented

Regarding Norton 360, and according to the documentation titled "Learn more about Norton Task Notification",

Norton Task Notification lets you show or hide the notifications that appear when your Norton product runs an automatic background task. When your computer is idle, your Norton product runs Norton-specific automatic background tasks such as Full Scan, Automatic LiveUpdate, and Insight Optimizer.

When this option is turned on, your Norton product shows the notification to inform you about the background tasks that are running. When this option is turned off, your Norton product does not notify you about any background tasks. By default, your Norton product shows notifications when it runs these background tasks.

I often have issues with performance and check the task manager to see a Norton task using a lot of CPU, but I have no way of telling what Norton is doing. This is not good!

Norton is supposed to provide notifications about background tasks, but even with the settings for notifications turned on in both MyNorton and in administrative settings, I never receive notification of the start or completion of background tasks. I do occasionally see a notification pop up when I log it with wording to the effect "Norton has completed performing performance optimization while your computer was idle", but that stays on the screen until I dismiss it and doesn't get added to the notification center. I never have any notifications from Norton 360 in the Windows Notification Center.

The only way to know what has run is to open Norton 360 and look at history, which takes a ridiculously long time to display the events. This does show me quick scans, live update, and firewall rules updated, but I have never found an entry after having a performance problem that showed what Norton was doing in the task that was using excessive CPU.

I want a way to know when Norton starts and ends any task other than continuous real-time scanning.

I want Norton tasks to run in processes with identifying names. It doesn't help to diagnose problems when there are a dozen processes running that are all just named Norton 360.