No, "Gurus", Norton DOES know who uses bundled "free" products...

@soulasylum - In a discussion (thread "A Company in Trouble?") you wrote: "Since it [Norton Utilities Premium] was basically FREE with your auto-renewal set Norton didn't collect user data for that product most likely and therefore did not have a database to notify customers."

For many reasons I agree with the original poster in that thread, but as a specific "FYI", Norton DOES know who has used bundled programs, and certainly Utilities Premium, because if I go to my subscriptions page I can see that Utilities Premium is marked "Disabled" and also tells me I would need to download it again, and it shows a DIFFERENT activation key from my "360" subscription.  So anyone who logs into their account and downloads the software, Norton would know that.  And if the user then ACTIVATES the bundled software with its own separate key, they would know that it had been installed and activated by that customer as well.  So ignorance of who was using the software was not Norton's excuse for disabling the free bundled software without notice.