Tiny 10 version 2303 for older PC's

This MAY, be an alternative for those still running unsupported versions of older Windows.

Tiny10 2303 is made primarily for those with old PCs that cannot properly run stock Windows 10, not to mention Windows 11. It is x86-only (based on Windows 10 LTSC 2021) and requires just a little more than 5GB of drive space. More importantly, version 2303 brings a few notable improvements and changes:

Additional side note for everyone:

Note that the operating system is not activated, and you need a valid Windows 10 key (it should still work with old Windows 7 and 8 keys). Also, keep in mind the potential risks of using modified Windows images. The rule of thumb is simple: do not use it if you do not trust it. Alternatively, you can put the stock Windows on a diet and DIY a lightweight ISO using a dedicated guide.

I have downloaded the Tiny 11 version, all scans show the ISO image is 100% clean. Please use prudent judgement if using this image and backup your drive, meaning create a restorable image beforehand. 


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