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I cannot autofill passwords from Win10 Chrome browser

I have spent months with Norton's Password Manager (PWM) no longer autofilling passwords when I go to a website I don't memorize the password for.  It's one of the main reasons I have Norton, to keep passwords safe and easily available.   I have looked at the previous complaints on this but cannot figure out from the little that was suggested how to make it work.  I use Chrome and Win 10 - despite it being new last July, I cannot switch to Win 11 because of some freak glitch in my hardware, I am told by Dell.  I put a link to PWM up on the right corner and am each time having to go to it, open PWM, find the program/app I need (not so easy sometimes) copy the pw and return to my work to copy it in.  When I use forms from some web addresses to respond to them, autofill works - but it may be their autofill.  Or Chrome's.  I haven't given Chrome permission to copy my pws though.



Re: I cannot autofill passwords from Win10 Chrome browser

ther are comming a new update to  Password Manager on Chrome, edge and firefox

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