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Norton Cloud Backup

I bought Norton 360 Deluxe a few months ago when I got fed up with Total AV and am satisfied with the protection it offers, but when I ran Cloud Backup and only because it kept asking me, as I have a plug-in backup device, it failed, saying I have insufficient space, and now I keep getting messages saying my backup space is full. Is there a way I can disable cloud backup without changing anything else? I would prefer to let an agent take over my PC to do it for me, but cannot find a way of contacting anyone, Is there a live chat?



Re: Norton Cloud Backup

It is quite easy to do yourself. Be sure you are logged into Windows with a Windows Admin account, and open the classic Norton 360 interface and click on Settings. Then in the Quick controls section on the right, uncheck the Backup and Backup Overlays settings. That will disable the backup feature.   If you see the new My Norton interface, click on Open beside Device Security to open the classic interface.

If you really want an agent to remotely do this for you you can contact Norton Support.    www.norton.com/contactcs   If using the chat function, as soon as you can enter any information, enter "agent please". That will get you out of the chat bot and connected to a human.

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