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lost activation information


I am quite frustrated due to my on & off internet services, I do not recall getting any info for my Norton product I bought back on 10/25/2022 for $398.00. I had just purchased a new laptop and paid for Norton 360? I am having a horrible time finding anything on it except my bank statement. I did live remotely most of the year and so had problems getting service. I have service now, my subscription is probably still somewhere until October of 2023. I have not used any of it.  i cant seem to get through to talk to somebody to help, and am not happy bout paying 398.00 for nothing.

 I would sincerely appreciate help with this situation! I understand that I should have saved info, thought did, and need help.  I very much would like to use the Norton product I paid for!  Thank you, and I hope to get some communication soon.



Re: lost activation information

What exact Norton product did you pay $398 for? Did that include a LifeLock credit monitoring subscription?

To check on your current subscription, log into your Norton account at  https://my.norton.com Click on the user icon at the top right of the screen and click on Manage My Subscriptions. You should find your current 360 subscription there. If you do not have 360 installed on your computer, you can click on Download by that subscription. Follow the instructions to download and install on your computer.

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