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Norton VPN

This is really just a suggestion. When Norton 360 is operating, the icon clearly shows in the System Tray on the bottom right-hand side of the PC however, there is no indication when the VPN is operative, without constantly checking 'Open My Norton' or 'Open Norton 360'

I would really like to see some kind of 'tag' on the icon to show when the VPN is active.

I had NORD VPN which showed an icon in the system tray and this was highlighted in blue when the VPN was operative - If the VPN failed, the icon would turn from Blue to White and a Notification message would also pop-up.

Norton's VPN has no such indicator in the system tray so it is conceivable that the VPN could have become inoperative, without my knowing it (unless I am missing something).

Can I respectfully suggest that the icon is enhanced to indicate when the VPN remains on.