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Case: 77163336

For several months I have repeatedly reached out to Norton with NO resolution...I was given a Case # - no fix! I'm unable to ADD a new entry to password mgr. I did have a Level 1 remote access and was advised rep could see problem and would be escalated to Level 2 - I'm on 3rd month waiting. I was advised 8.3.1 version is latest update but playstore only showing 8.3.0...I was advised to contact Google. This is not a customer issue I was advised by Samsung..I have no issues updating from Google Play with any other app. When I'm in password mgr ALL entries DO NOT allow me to scroll down to end of page of my specific entry. When I scroll to end of page most times & unable to scroll back up - intermittant. I either have to use back arrow at top left of psswd mgr or Edit. I noticed a week ago when I attempt to ADD a new entry to p/manager the page pulls up with a list of websites & asks me to enter "website/app name or pick one from the following list" - this is clearly an issue. Been using app for years rarely issues to this magnitude...many occasions for auto save my psswd mgr will show but will say NO PSSWD..



Re: Case: 77163336

Did the Support agent reinstall the Norton Password Manager, NPM, app? If not, uninstall the app, restart your device, and then reinstall and test.

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