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cloud backup

My Norton 360 package had 50gb of cloud backup space and I started getting messages that I was running out of room and to purchase more space.  Turns out I had to upgrade my Norton 360 to a more deluxe package Norton 360 with Life Lock Select to get 100gb of cloud space.  I then tried to run backup but it said I only have 50 gb of free space because my original backup was taking up 50gb and instead of just continuing with that backup it started a new backup.   I finally got online assistance and they took control of my computer, deleted my original backup and started a new backup.  Unfortunately now the new backup will only run about 10-15 minutes and then I get a failure notice which is the result of my internet connection being lost and I can only reestablish internet by rebooting my computer.  I only lose internet when trying to run Norton cloud backup, otherwise it stays connected just fine. It happens every time I try to run backup to the cloud and at this rate I will never get a full backup.  Any ideas what is going on??  I'm running Windows 10 

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