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Forgot Password Manager Password

It appears that long time ago I set up a password for the vault, but I cannot remember it. Tried using a Biometrics on my Samsung A53 but it does not show the option. I have Norton 360. Thanks,




Re: Forgot Password Manager Password

You need to have set up the biometric access before you forgot the password. 

So unless you can figure out what the password is, your only option is to reset the password. But that will wipe out your existing vault contents and you will have to start over again from scratch. 

If you have not been using the vault and do not care about what might be there, to reset the password, try logging into your vault three times using an incorrect password. After the third attempt, look for a link to reset the password. Click on that and follow the directions to set a new password.

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Re: Forgot Password Manager Password

after third attempt using incorrect password.  I get Need to delete your vault? link.

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