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Norton Access to my CPU

Each day, several times in fact, I receive annoying Pop Up dialog boxes from Norton telling me this and that is wrong with my computer.  Some state they have scanned my files and found issues with them.  I am concerned about my own personal computer security yet Norton seems to have free access to all my CPU files?  Sometimes I am watching a video and it ends up with a small Norton popup dialog box appearing.  This is getting to be a serious concern to me.  I am thinking about switching to another security company, but am concerned that a new one might also be doing the same thing.  I have contacted Norton several times but never get someone to contact me back about this.  Am I the "only one" that has a concern about Norton accessing my CPU files?????

I wish Nortoin would just come up with one product that includes 'everything" and let us decide on paying for it instead of constantly sending me dialog boxes wanting me to buy "piece mill" parts of Norton.

Seriously, I can't be the only one having these issues am I?



Re: Norton Access to my CPU

Can I assume that when you refer to 'CPU files', you are referring to your files stored on the hard drive of your system? If so, by the nature of the app, a security program like Norton has to have complete access to all files on your system. That is how it can provide the protection against malware.

The messages you describe sound like the annoying pop-ups that many users are reporting here. The unfortunate thing here is that the marketing department has taken control of the 360 app. The messages often say that you have issues on your system that Norton Utilities can fix for a price.

From the classic 360 interface, click on Settings > Administrative Settings and scroll down to Special Offer Notifications. Turn that setting off.  To open the classic 360 interface if you are using the newer My Norton interface, click on Open beside Device Security.

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