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re-activate Premium account

This Premium Service has not been working for months, and the "fixes" posted do not work.

I am so over it all.  Just want to cancel this subscription and I am even unable to do this. 

I cannot recommend this service to ANYONE.   Absolutely awful.


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Re: re-activate Premium account

What Premium service are you referring to? If it is the Norton Utilities Premium, that product is no longer available and has been replaced by Norton Utilities Ultimate.  

If you had been using the Premium version from the 'free' bonus for having automatic renewal enabled for your Norton 360 subscription, that offer is no longer available. Just as Norton did not announce the bonus, they also did not announce the withdrawal of that bonus.


Re: re-activate Premium account

I agree with Permalink.  Re-activating is such a mess.  First Norton has Utilities, then Utilities Premium, then Utilities Ultimate.  My license still says my Utilities Premium AND Utilities is ACTIVE until 08/1/2024, but still get the re-activate error.  You click on Re-activate and it takes you to a page with a ton of choices instead of just letting you Re-activate your license with a few clicks.   What a mess.  I believe I will be switching to another provider.   

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