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Cancel automatic renewal Norton 360 does not work.

All suggested methods to cancel automatic renewal Norton 360 does not work.  I want all renewal should be confirmed by me not automatic charging that cannot be changed.  I would review annually whether to change the type of plan or nos. of subsription suitable to my purpose.

No cancellation option can be selected from Screen.  Order No. start with NSHKAR, refund cannot be inputted.

No billing information shown in My Account.  No payment of credit card shown (let alone be changed or cancelled).

Please help to resolve the problems.  Otherwise, I have no option but choose to terminate my Credit Card.

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Re: Cancel automatic renewal Norton 360 does not work.

Your issue is similar to the issue in this thread.   https://community.norton.com/en/forums/i-want-apply-refund-annual-fee-ca...     Your order number starting with NS is not accepted by the return web page. 

Where did you purchase your subscription? The other user purchased in Hong Kong.

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