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Battery drain on iphone 13 pro IOS 16.5

My battery iphone 13 pro is draining like I've never seen. I had Norton 360 app on the phone. I deleted the app and installed the AT&T Active Armor app with has internet monitoring, VPN and other features similar to Norton. There is more than a remarkable difference when not using Norton. I bought Norton and would like to be able to use it on my phone but the battery doesn't last a day with it running. I'm thinking it's not an Apple release issue since it goes away when using a different application.



Re: Battery drain on iphone 13 pro IOS 16.5

See this Norton Support article that explains the High Battery use by 360 iOS.


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Re: Battery drain on iphone 13 pro IOS 16.5

Maybe co-related: https://www.macworld.com/article/1932749/no-ios-16-5-hasnt-killed-iphone...

Its partially an Apple issue in that, every update, will optimize itself and the device after installing. Depending on how long the new OS has been on the device ( since updating or was purchased new ) the article above states that its normal for a new OS or upgrade to "sort itself out", usually a 48 hour time frame is sufficient. 


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