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Norton VPN blocks Internet with new MacOS 13.3 Ventura

What I observed: ——1) Norton VPN (version automatically turns on regardless of setting this automatic turn on feature off. (I prefer manually enabling when I need it) ——2) at one particular location: on my Mac, wifi icon goes on and off at my base location, disabling my wifi access. ——3) The wifi icon in the toolbar shows connection, while the VPN window and the browsers displays message that there is no connection. At one point Firefox browser worked with this mystery wifi anyway, regardless of other browsers not working. ——4) Message in VPN: No network is currently detected, even when I see the wifi is on. 5) At other locations this is not the case, I’m able to connect to wifi after manually forcing the Norton VPN NOT to automatically turn on (most times this works but not always) ——Took me a long time to chase down possible reasons what might be interfering with my access to internet between my new MacOS 13.0 Ventura and iPhone iOS 16.4.1, both installed with Norton VPN. =======Related to not being able to access the wifi on Mac: —— + on iPhone iOS 16.4.1 Norton VPN sets itself to allow automatic VPN connections regardless of turning it off not to allow it. This is the strangest and alarming. —— + on my Mac, my hotspot becomes available, even though it is set to NOT to “allow others to join” my hotspot connection on the same iPhone mentioned above. This is also alarming and also gets expensive when I miss catching the unwanted accidental hotspot usage. ====•==== I see the above base question has been brought up many tomes, in various forms, and left unanswered. It is a huge concern and I don’t see it being taken seriously. Because of this, Norton has made my connections less secure, the situation even more confusing that it already was. ——I’m asking Norton to work with us on this with their specialists. Thank you.