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Someone Has Taken Over My Phone Help Mr PLEASE!!!

An ex-boyfriend of my girlfriend from when I was in the hospital thinking I would be paralyzed over one summer according to three different opinions of doctors ended up being psychopathic and a pathological liar but that was all we knew when we got back together and I forgave her I just didn't know I would bring so much of her baggage with her her bag is being him and the fact that he had been cloning her devices and aware of her location at all times for over a year now and now that has been happening to me for over 7 months now I have tried changing phones I have tried securing my Wi-Fi although too late because that's the way I think he got to my devices which include phones Chromebooks and the rest and I am working with the police right now but where I live they do not have a great Tech Team and I have been called as much as a liar without them even looking at the evidence until he made a mistake and stole my identity and went after my bank accounts then they started taking it serious and I am able to prove everything especially what creeped us out the most even though cyber stalking and someone taking control of all of your devices is very scary he would physically stalk us literally everywhere we went and if we didn't go anywhere he would come to my apartment building and stalk us here luckily I had many different ways through Google and other ways I figured out throughout the time this has been happening to get his location and I was able to turn those in to the apartment complex care and office and they are working on that right now but it seems no matter how much evidence I collect and I probably have about 7,000 files but half of them are probably duplicate so I would say 3 to 4,000 files I am having a hard time proving the Cyber hacking although the stealing of the identity going into bank accounts and physically stalking us and always knowing where we are are definitely remedies of the cyber stalking I'm having a hard time proving it out right and I was hoping Norton would be able to help me with that and I have used every single Norton so far except for the secure Wi-Fi one and I'm willing to answer any questions and Supply any type of evidence you guys need to know this is legit and I really need help I would greatly appreciate any responses and I'm not completely computer illiterate in the Navy I had a talk to her Clarence doing collection and cryptology but that doesn't seem to translate over into proving the cyber stalking and cloning of all of my devices especially to police who don't even believe it's possible so it's almost like a non-starter I'm hoping that the physical stalking on camera paired with the proof of identity theft and bank account tampering and unauthorized charges will be enough to lend a much evidence enough evidence to prove he was cloning my device but if there is any way anyone could help me or know the whole way I could prove it please let me know thank you