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Virus & threat protection -ERROR: Real-time protection is off, leaving your device vulnerable. Cannot toggle on

Windows 11 - Microsoft Defender, cannot Enable Virus & threat protection -ERROR: Real-time protection is off. There are hundreds of so called solutions for this issue on the web. I have NOT found one solution that works for me. I refuse to disable or uninstall an existing working anti-virus app to enable Defender. That is absolutely rediculious and will leave me wide open and vunrable....
I believe that Norton is deliberately restricting and blocking the ability for windows users to enable Defender. NOTE: I don't care if Norton says it's not good to have both on. That is NOT the point. I am the customer and I WANT IT ON. Norton, if you don't like that, then you're in the WRONG BUSINESS. The Customer is paying your salaries. Listen to your Customers. This is not Russia!...
Please I am demanding that this rediculious restriction MUST be removed so that Real Customers can have both belts and braces, that is Norton and Defender. If I want to Use Norton AND Defender that is my wish and my responsibility. Now if you don't mind, please fix this NOW.


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Re: Virus & threat protection -ERROR: Real-time protection is off, leaving your device vulnerable. Cannot toggle on

Hello Robert. Unfortunately two antivirus solutions running on the same system will cause issues, some that could put you at greater risk than not doing so. The setting below is the only way to run ANY portion of Defender while a third party solution is installed. Do you have periodic scanning enabled?

Also please review the article below. Microsoft has designed Windows to disable defender when third party A/V solutions are installed, not Norton. The only portion of Defender that remains enabled is Windows Firewall, it is required for Windows Updates to properly function.



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