lost internet, weird history logs.

I lost internet connection  suddenly some devices start to have issue while other devices have no problems. later also my PC lost internet.

When i lost it this appear in norton history many times

rule \Default Block Inbound DHCPV4-In\ rejected  UDP(17)  verkeer met  (  Port bootpc(68) )

advanced details show

local ip:

Localservice: PortbootPS (67)

Externe IP:

Externe service: PortbootPC (68)

Does this mean the router does some kind of reset? I just worry a bit becaus i find it strange like every device lost internet at a diffrent time. Usually when internet is lost due any issue, everything go's down at the same moment. and i don't have Externe service: PortbootPC (68) message.


Accepted Solution

Re: lost internet, weird history logs.

Hello Maxi24. First, I would check your router/modem logs for more information. PortbootPC (68) message: occurs when your DHCP client ( router and or ethernet adapter ) tries to answer a conflicting message when DHCP is in the process of assigning an IP address to a specific device. Since not all your devices are losing internet services at the same time, you have a DHCP misconfiguration within your router/modem settings. I would power ALL your devices except one off. Check your router/modem to see if there is a firmware update for it and available. If so install it and restart your router/modem. See if the one device gets an IP address and it doesn't drop. Continue powering up devices one at a time and see if they to get an IP address and do not drop. If all goes well and no drops occur there was/is an issue with your ISP or personal router/modem that was causing the issue. Your ISP can also be the issue due to their signal loss and service interruption.

Can you please answer the following for us:

  • Please DO NOT post any Personally Identifiable Information(PII) such as your email address, product keys or phone numbers in your post
  • What is your Norton product and version
  • Operating system and its version
  • Norton or Windows error messages / error codes / if any are available please post a screenshot screen shot how to
  • What internet service do you have, DSL/ADSL/CABLE
  • Tell us the manufacturer and model of your personal router and or ISP device


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