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Smart Scan Advanced is producing an error

When I run the Smart Scan, I get the message that 23450 performance issues were found. System junk 5219 MB, Broken registry items 435, Programs slowing the computer: 18, Internet junk files 3077.

I performed a Disk Cleanup, I went to system settings and deleted internet and system junk files, and I restarted my PC.  I ran the Smart Scan again, and the results were EXACTLY the same. I contacted support, and they wanted to sell me more product.  I asked them to produce the detail behind each summary item, and they refused to do so.  How can I see the detail behind the summary of performance issues?



Re: Smart Scan Advanced is producing an error

It is just an advertisement of Norton Utilities Ultimate.

If you install this software this will remove what you have mentioned above.

you need not to worry, I am also using Norton Utilities Ultimate 60 days trial.

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Re: Smart Scan Advanced is producing an error

Hello Donald. The simplest solution is, don't use that scan. Windows 10 & 11 do a great job of keeping files cleaned from a system. It is much like Software Updater, DON'T use it. They are both marketing driven and not mature features at this point. I also wouldn't even consider using NU for those reasons as well. Its a waste in my opinion and causes other issues.


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