Signing up for Norton Utilities subscription - Chat Window keeps popping up and says, "There was an error while starting chat."

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Figure 1. The sign-up window for Norton Utilities and chat error message.

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At approximately 09:07 hours MDT on 07/17/2023, I attempted to go through the flow to sign up for a trial of Norton Utilities.  However, upon finishing entering my payment information, I landed at what I assumed was the final screen to say "Agree" or "Confirm."

However, the Chat window appeared in the corner, and then gave an error: There was an error while starting the chat.  Please contact your administrator.

I confirm that I have Internet access currently online; I mean, I was able to go through the sign-up flow just fine.  Therefore, I speculate that the issue has nothing to do with my not being connected to the Internet.

Another issue I am having, that is related, is that when I click on the 'X' button in the chat window to make it go away (as it is useless to me with the message, "There was an error while starting the chat," the Chat window pops right back up.  It gets in my face and pushes me to chat!  Meaning, every time that I click the 'X' button, then the Chat window pops up right away again and still says the error message.

Not only is the behavior annoying and erroneous, but also gets in the way of my trying to sign up for more Norton products.

Thank you in advance for any solutions.


Brian Hart



Re: Signing up for Norton Utilities subscription - Chat Window keeps popping up and says, "There was an error while starting chat."

Figure 1. The "web page not found" error screen.

Figure 2. The link I clicked.


At approximately 09:34 hours MDT on 07/17/2023, I clicked on the Renewal Pricing link, and it directed my browser to the URL listed above.

The link is listed as not being found on the Norton website.  Figure 2 shows the link that I clicked, and Figure 1 shows the resulting page in my Google Chrome browser, which Norton says cannot be located on the Norton website.

It seems as if Norton has some updating to do of its website.



Brian Hart

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