you have become greedy sales people instead of protecting our internet

I am sick and tired of you trying to make me feel insecure by trying to sell me crap and saying the software isn't working. . Are you about security or just a sales company trying to generate revenue. I will be finding another internet security company for my needs. You have gotten GREEDY and I am sick of this. Always trying to find yet another way to make money off of us. What happen to the old Norton? I bet this isn't even the same company,. I am done. D>O>N<E  I am going to get a different service. Always adding something and trying to make me buy it. I absolutely hate Norton 360 now. I have tracking protection, you charged me extra for that, Now the VPN don't work, had to download it separately. I am D.O.N.E.   You are running people off. For everyone's information, Windows has updates that are installed to all of the drivers on it. This message that Norton is sending to pay for their "Utilities" is spam and a way to make more money off of you. For these reasons, I have just about had it with them. Maybe I need to speak to legal counsel. This is ridiculous. Anyone that knows anything about their PC. Knows that you can get all the updates for drivers from the manufacture, such as I have a Dell, I get my updates there. I should never have to pay Norton for them. When I run live update it should say all is well, not them trying to sell me a "utilities" software. Quit Norton, Just Quit it. I bet there are a lot of computer users that are very frustrated and tired of this pushy salesmanship type of environment. Just do what you are supposed to and leave the sales up to places like Best Buy or other companies. 


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Re: you have become greedy sales people instead of protecting our internet

Yes, and just try to get any support from these 'people'. Or is it AI we are dealing with?  Why as a paid user do I have to wait for  a response on a forum rather than just calling up a live person? What BS.  I have been in the computer/electronics industry since the 70's and where we are at today with customer support is the nadir.

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