Yet another Norton Customer Spam Overkill

I have a few computers and have been a Norton customer for many years in different ways. Of recent time, I note that Norton continually spams its customers with upgrades, add-ons, and upsells.  It is relentless and when you have a few computers running, you can't get away from the problem. Every week you get hit with another upsell.

Norton has lost me and I will never be subscribing to their software again.  I would not recommend Norton for this total reason. They disrespect the customer and look for more money at every opportunity.


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Re: Yet another Norton Customer Spam Overkill

Norton have completely lost their way in the last couple of years,  they appear to be dictating what, we as individuals want to do. Keep bringing out these 'gimmicks' like Smart Scan, Software Updater & now Driver Updater that we are supposed thankful for. You need this, you need that - No we don't all the 'extras' are covered elsewhere on our computers by Microsoft & programme vendors and are better served by them. All these Norton 'add-ons', according to postings in this forum & the community prove this, postings of programmes not working any more, computers left 'trashed' & requiring Windows re-installed, all after running one of these 'add-ons'. I get the Run Smart Scan Now pop-up every now & then, as in a couple of days ago reporting excess disc usage, of course I was, I was running monthly updates. Running Smart Scan would not resolve that, more likely do more harm than good.

History shows that people trying to dictate what we as individuals do, never last that long. Norton, just return what your core business was, on this forum & community, lots of postings where users have had enough & looking elsewhere

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