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Account Question

Good day.  I just received my receipt for my Norton subscriptions.  I don't mean to sound cheap, but every time I turn around Norton has come up with a new product which tells me I really should have it, another amount is added to my account.  Is there no such thing as adding the product within the subscriptions I already have and not charge more?  



Re: Account Question


I don't think Norton adds anything without your own permission, you have to agree or click on something. 
Also, if you are not interested in the other products you do not have to buy them, having the Anti Virus program is basically enough.


Re: Account Question

Hello PENNYR. The add-on alerts are nothing more than sell-up offers that as Nathan has stated in his post. They are NOT necessary needed and are 100% marketing related. As stated, you would have had to agree to and have purchased them when they were presented. If you'd like to get rid of them and gain a POSSIBLE refund please use the link below:


*Please note: Most refunds are available if it has been less then 60 days since you purchased them. Support may be able to assist you regardless.


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