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Quitting Norton after so many years. Cannot really control the software

After many years of using Norton 360, I’m switching to another security suite. I’m tired of the constant hassle of Norton trying to sell me stuff and also not being able to completely control my software. I went to admin settings and turned off notifications and I somehow was able to turn off all performance apps. I then get a red exclamation point in my system tray about the performance apps. I go through everything and can’t get rid of it. Then my Norton craps out so I use the RNR tool to remove it and reinstall. Now I can’t control turning off performance apps at all. Additionally , I’m tired of the constant attempts to sell other stuff. Oh, and I discovered that to stop those stupid Norton Insight popups, you have to go to the firewall settings. Ridiculous! Why isn’t that toggle together with the others allowing you to turn things off. Sadly, Norton is trying to be too much.. I just want internet security and not the other stuff. Those items should be in Norton Utilities as they used to be. BTW, going to Kaspersky. Yeah, I know about the perceived Russian stuff. But I contacted them and was told there were toggles to turn off any non security features I don’t want.