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[Request for improvement] Correct field targetting (form context) and icon z-index


feature-wise, Norton password manager is cool, but I found it really annoying to use, especially in enterprise platforms.

Issue: NPM does not give a crap on the context of the page, meaning, it does not check, if the page/field is even a login form. It just bluntly searches for anything called "Name", which results in pop-ups in the wrong places. It just even does not check for FILLABLE inputs.

Also, the icon has totally wrong z-index, so it is even poping through e.g. overlaying modals.

I work with ServiceNow, where this is really annoying in multiple places. See images as examples:

Image in Moderation

Image in Moderation

So as I haven't found any bug tracker (if there is some, I would like to get the link to place it there), but as this forum should have also Norton employees, it would be great if this would be picked up.

Thank you!

Notron version:
Firefox version: FF Developers version; 117.0b3 (64-bit)
OS: Windows 11 build 22621.2134



Re: [Request for improvement] Correct field targetting (form context) and icon z-index

Norton employees is reding This also so you got help maybe im lever 14 they is 27 and 30

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