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Safe Web Verifcation Code


I have my website registered and verified with Norton Safe Web.  Over the years I have 'tweaked' it considerably.  I have no idea if the current version still has the Safe Web Verification Code or not.  I have tried deleting it from my account, so that I can start over again (together with a totally redundant version of the site) but it won't let me delete either.

How can I confirm that my site still contains the code, or failing that how can I get a fresh Verification Code pleased?

Thank you




Re: Safe Web Verifcation Code

"Remove site from my profile" did not work?

Care to share domain name? 

We'll try to call attention:

Website ownership verification is not needed for website rating review.

Website ownership verification primary goal is to allow the website owners to monitor their websites and get email notifications anytime their website changes NSW rating. 

Once a website is verified, the owner may initiate the rating review from the options provided for the website owners. However, the rating evaluation request provides the same flow as for non-owners so it may be faster to submit the website in the NSW portal UI as anybody can.


Re: Safe Web Verifcation Code

Hello, it's me again. That's correct, Remove Site from my Profile fails at every attempt. The domain is retiredandangry.co.uk, sorry I didn't mention it again. As I said, it HAS previously been verified, but I can't seem to find out how I can check if it still is, or if not, how to Verify it again.

Re: Safe Web Verifcation Code

Well, I'm not finding meta tag in the <head> section, before the first <body> section.



We'll try to call attention: "Remove site from my profile" does not work?

Note:  Website ownership verification is not needed for website rating review.


Re: Safe Web Verifcation Code

Thank you for that. I’m perfectly happy to delete the site from my profile and start from scratch all over again, but I can’t remove either of the sites in my profile. I checked my root folder and the html folder isn’t there either, I’ll just persevere with trying todelete it

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