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How to complete an Installation?

I am trying to install Norton Security Device, I have been automatically been transferred from BullGuard, my subscription is for Norton GO Deluxe. Everytime I try to install I get the following message "To complete your update, we must first uninstall an older version. Then the latest version will install once your computer is restarted" I am confused about what this older version is and how to uninstall it.

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Re: How to complete an Installation?

Please review:

Migrate your BullGuard protection to Norton

Migration of your BullGuard protection to Norton is automatic. Your protection continues uninterrupted during and after migration. In case you are still on BullGuard protection, you can follow the instructions in this article to manually migrate to Norton GO.

Migrating your BullGuard protection involves four steps:

  1. Confirming if you have Norton GO subscription

  2. Uninstalling your BullGuard product

  3. Restarting your device

  4. Downloading and installing your Norton protection

  • Confirm availability of Norton GO subscription in your Norton account ›
  • Uninstall your BullGuard security product ›
  • Restart your device ›
  • Download and install your Norton protection ›


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