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Immersive reader in new Norton Secure Browser?

Does the new Norton Secure Browser, - installed this morning, - allow for an immersive reader for websites? If so, where is it to be found or where do I enable/disable it? I much prefer to read articles & documents from the web within an immersive reader, I did not find it on Associated Press news articles or other articles as I do in MS Edge. Is it added as a Norton or Google Extension? Would be great if I could locate the feature in this new Norton Secure Browser.

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Re: Immersive reader in new Norton Secure Browser?

The immersive reader is a feature unique to Microsoft Edge. It converts the page you're reading into an ebook-like format with a simple layout and no clutter. Chrome doesn't have an immersive reader. However, as with most functions that Chrome is missing, you can add it with an extension. (Google)

Chrome extensions run on Norton Secure Browser.

Note: Norton Secure Browser - Extension Guard blocks untrusted extensions from installing.  And so far all extensions (except Norton extensions) are untrusted.  

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Re: Immersive reader in new Norton Secure Browser?

Norton Addons store - trusted extensions

Reader Mode
Reader Mode is a feature-packed Chrome reading extension and web app that removes clutter, ads and distractions, while also includes dyslexia support, bookmarking, annotating, highlighting, text-to-speech and many other features all in one tool.


FAQ: Norton Secure Browser

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