Privacy Monitor Assistant: Can't upload Driver's License w/Android?

From an Android phone, you HAVE to use Chrome to access MyNorton in order to upload a Driver's License for Privacy Monitor Assistant. I struggled mightily to upload my DL for Privacy Monitor Assistant from my Nokia 3.1A TA1140 phone, running Android 9 Pie. I was stuck in a loop that took me back to the "start" page every time I tried. Even called Norton Technical Support. The "tech" advised me to try another browser (I had been using DuckDuckGo.) I tried Firefox, and the tech said, "It doesn't matter; just a different one, as long as Norton is the only tab you have open." I gave him remote access to my phone, and we worked on it together, step by step. The attempt failed, same problem. At a loss to solve the issue, he advised me to use a computer. He said, "All phones are not the same." We ended the call. Finally, I looked here in "Community". One post with the same problem said he had to use Chrome. That worked. And the only way I could post this comment was to sign in to using Chrome. So I'm backing up what the other post said. Heads up. You HAVE to use Chrome for this particular task from an Android phone.