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Norton Secure Browser - Advertising overload

Norton secure browser installed, enter a query and the first several (usually a minimum of 5) responses are 'sponsored'.  This is way out of line for a similar Chrome (base version that is) query.  This is another way of Norton deliberately inconveniencing customers in order to monetize their activities.  It is a pity effort is not being put into what CUSTOMERS would actually like to see, and adverts are not something that I want to see.

This behavior is way out of line with competitive products.  



Re: Norton Secure Browser - Advertising overload

You may use Google search.
You may add ad-blocker extension from Chrome Web Store. 

FAQ: Norton Secure Browser


Re: Norton Secure Browser - Advertising overload

Additionally the adBlock by chrome suggested is in fact blocked by Norton Secure Browser,  Great suggestion!

Extension Guard has blocked from installing.



AdBlock — best ad blocker 

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Re: Norton Secure Browser - Advertising overload

extensions not from Norton Addons store - trusted extensions == are blocked

Norton Addons store - trusted extensions

as test: I installed uBlock Origin, Malwarebytes Browser Guard & more from Chrome Web Store.  

Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension installed okay from Chrome Web Store with "I understand the risks". 

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