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I need to verify the email address of a points loyalty program.

Earlier this year I got a Scene points card to redeem points on FreshCo grocery purchases, but since then something has been a bit fishy.

Every time I would be prompted to load My Grocery Offers within my email account which directs me to "https://www.mygroceryoffers.ca/offers", my location would indicate British Columbia instead of Ontario, and I don't seem to have a username or email using forgot password, despite the constant load offer prompts which suggests the contrary. 

So, using Bing Chat, I asked it to find anything on freshcooffers@em.freshco.com and it suggests that it doesn't exist or may be fake.

And then Google brings-up a weird majority search result, repeating a South Asian sub-franchise of Chalo FreshCo, with there being British Columbia locations.

I don't mean to put two and two together, but it's something of a COVID-19 meme that, if you'll remember the great toilet paper panic, much of the extreme bulk buyers were often Chinese scalpers who sold cheap foreign goods back to China. I'm left to ponder this because I've rarely been redeeming my points, like, ever?

I'm using Microsoft Outlook which does not treat it as junk, thus it may be a useful tool to instead ask Norton 360 to authenticate the sender as a double-up measure on authentication.



Re: I need to verify the email address of a points loyalty program.

on my machine  

https://www.mygroceryoffers.ca/offers resolves to https://mygroceryoffers.login-seconnecter.ca/login