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Introducing Norton Safe Email!

We are happy to introduce Norton Safe Email.


Norton Safe Email helps to protect up to five of your email addresses against scam emails and malicious attachments. Working in the cloud, it automatically flags emails as safe or potentially suspicious before you open them.

Connect your email account once, from one place, in as few as four clicks and you have email security, regardless of whether you’re checking at home, on-the-go, on vacation, mobile, or desktop. It works with most major email providers.



  • Portability - Email security that goes with you! Norton Safe Email helps to protect your email, wherever you are and whatever device you’re using.
  • Scam/Phishing protection - Norton Safe Email proactively flags your emails as safe or potentially suspicious, so you know what’s safe to open and what isn’t before you open it.
  • Easy set-up/4-click setup - Norton Safe Email is simple to use. Just connect your email account once, in just a few clicks, and it proactively scans emails before they get to you, so you stay safer wherever, whenever, and however you log in.




Below are FAQs that might help answer some of your questions:


How many Email Accounts can I Protect with Norton Safe Mail?

With Norton Safe Email, you can protect up to 5 Email Accounts.


How can I setup Norton Safe Email?

Please visit this KB page.


Can I unlink and remove Email Accounts?

Yes, unused Email Accounts can be removed from my.norton.com.
Under Norton Safe Email, Protected Email sections, you can click on the X icon to remove the email account.


What happens to my Flagged Emails after Product Expiry?

The existing labels will still be tagged to your emails, but new labels will not be added after product expiry.


When will my Emails start getting monitored?

Once you add your email account to Norton Safe Email, new emails that enter the inbox are monitored and flagged. It does not scan emails that are already in your inbox before you enable Norton Safe Email.


Why can't I set up Norton Safe Email with Orange Email Provider?

Due to the Limitation in the Orange Mailbox, it prevents the setup of Norton Safe Email.
After the email providers resolve the issue, you can set up Norton Safe Email to work with your email account.
It is possible Orange.fr will be supported again in the future, but there's no timeline for that.


This issue applies to the following domains:

  • aim.com
  • netscape.net
  • netscape.com
  • compuserve.com
  • cs.com
  • wmconnect.com
  • mail.gm0
  • rocketmail.com


 Please post your queries in the Other Norton Products/Services community board.