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My Kid is Bypassing blocked apps

My son showed me that even though Norton blocks apps.... he found out that if he taps his phone screen really fast it can eventually bypass the app blocking.     furthermore, setting norton family controls to a usage limit of 2 hours per day doesnt even work. as he spenmt over 9 hours this past saturday on his phone.  

what i need is total control over his phone.   complete blocking  of all activity,    he should not be able to turn on airplane mode etc... to block his locations or how hes using his devicve



Re: My Kid is Bypassing blocked apps

If my kids do that they lose their phone privileges.


Re: My Kid is Bypassing blocked apps


Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family Forum.

The device usage time in Android during School Time is not counted in overall device usage and is calculated separately.

It looks like school time has been enabled with 7.5 hours most days. So, the child is able to use the device during school time hours as well as time-allowed hours( 2 hours in your case). To manage your child's online activities during school time, please refer to this article.

We have also sent you a private message regarding app supervision.


Norton Family Team

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