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Uninstall NAV Mac 11?

How can I completely uninstall NAV for Mac 11?

I just migrated my old laptop to a new MacBook.  In reinstalled NAV 11, but am getting some odd behavior.  For example, Norton QuickMenu in System Preferences shows TWO iterations of "LiveUpdate" and NO "Norton AntiVirus."  Also, the LiveUpdate fails to update correctly.  

I expect a complete uninstall and reinstall should do the trick, but I haven't been able to find an uninstall utility in the Folder or on the Installation Disc.  Simply dragging the Folder to the trash does not seem to remove the faulted Norton QuickMenu, for example.

Searching the Support section was not productive. 

Any suggestions?



Re: Uninstall NAV Mac 11?

Hm, sorry for the problems. Yes, migration using Apple's migration tool can sometimes produce some weird problems, which we unfortunately can't prevent.

If the "Symantec Uninstaller" application is no longer on your hard drive, then you can use the "RemoveSymantecMacFiles" script, from our Tech Support Web site. This will erradicate all files from your hard drive. You can then use your installation CD to re-install and use LiveUpdate to get the latest version.

Follow the instructions here: 


Scroll down to the section "Download and run RemoveSymantecMacFiles" and follow the instructions there.


Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

Re: Uninstall NAV Mac 11?

The uninstall command file worked perfectly.  Which allowed the clean install and update to now work perfectly on Snow Leopard 10.6.2, as well!


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