Ability to reset windows defaults


Microsoft has a program that allows you to reset certain windows defaults - it is called Microsoft SteadyState. This is incredibly useful, because if regedit, msconfig, task manager etc. are blocked by malware, SteadyState can restore access to them in a very user-friendly way. It is ALOT easier than having to find and download specific patches - as it is all in one and so forth. However, this would be incredibly useful to have in NAV, NIS or N360, as often users that are infected have to access one of these features, and are blocked from doing so, making helping them all that more difficult. Furthermore, I believe that if Norton has the ability to change these defaults back (and it would only if the user prompts it to do so - thus implying they know or believe that they have a virus), then it could monitor these settings after resetting them, thus enabling it to possibly see which program or process is changing them, and could then analyse the program for malicious code. It could even prompt the user as to whether or not it should block/remove the program. Potentially very helpful.

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