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Not all Equipt-ment is Created Equal

I was just reading a story about Microsoft’s new subscription software package – Microsoft Equipt – and I have to say I was baffled to see the new “post-Bill Gates” Microsoft continuing to push these tired, old bundles. Drawing consumers in with the promise of enhanced productivity but essentially delivering a hodge podge of Microsoft technologies that lack consumer value and limit choice, Equipt looks less about providing a compelling value proposition and more about increasing Office revenue.              


As I read this story, it reminded me of just how tricky a thing security is, especially when it seems like the rules are rewritten every day by new threats and unseen vulnerabilities. In spite of this, there is one simple fact every person who works in security knows: a security solution is only effective if it provides complete and comprehensive protection.

A homeowner can install a top-notch deadbolt, put up a “protected by” sign on the front door, set up motion detectors, and keep a baseball bat by the bed, but it’s all useless if the front door is left unlocked at night. The same goes for security software and that’s why having anything less than a complete solution on your computer is like hanging up a “Rob Me” sign outside your home.

At Norton, we’ve been designing products to create just the type of comprehensive security solutions that don’t forget to “lock the doors” – products that combine offense and defense in detecting and eliminating threats…but also provide a low-impact and user-friendly experience. Microsoft’s OneCare – part of the Equipt bundle – consistently falls to the bottom of security protection solutions in the industry. People who are concerned about their online safety – and that of their family – should look elsewhere for comprehensive protection.

Message Edited by Sondra_Magness on 07-03-2008 06:14 PM