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installing Norton

while installing th Norton Antivirus 2011, i cant get passed th application compatibility check. Its telling me to uninstall th mcafee security center, i followed th instructions, but i cant seem to get Mcafee off. please help.



Re: installing Norton

Did you reboot your PC after McAfee uninstallation?? Also which operating system are you running?


Re: installing Norton

Read Mcafee Uninstall Guideline First

Please get your key from www.mynortonaccount.com

Please download and save to desktop Norton Removal Tool which will remove all Norton Products.

If you have already NIS 2011 Installed i want to tell uninstall both of Norton & Mcafee..then install Norton.

You can download the Norton Removal tool from


Please pick the proper Norton product that you want to remove. Also please be aware that it will remove all Norton products, so back up Identity Safe using the program to back that up. Also please have your product key handy.

Thank you Allen for new link

Please download and save NIS 2011 to desktop.


Now you ready to start the prociess

Please use Control panel to remove NIS 2011 and then disconnect from the net and reboot

Please run NRT 2 times with a reboot after each run of it.

Please run NIS 2011 and get back on the net when it wants to activate.

Please run live update until it gets all the updates and then reboot one more time.

Please run live update aain just to make sure.

Reinstall identify safe file if you use that.

Please come back and let us know how you made out. Thanks

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Re: installing Norton


Follow the instructions posted here to uninstall McAfee, using the McAfee Removal Tool after uninstalling via Add/Remove Programs: