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installing NIS 4.1 from CD to MAC

I'm unable to install NIS 4.1 for Mac. I inserted the CD, it seemed to install, the MAC rebooted, but I didn't see NIS anywhere. I thought I'd already loaded NIS before I updated the OS, because I just see a few Norton tools, like NAV.



Re: installing NIS 4.1 from CD to MAC

NIS is a suite of products, namely Norton AntiVirus, Personal Firewall, Confidential, and LiveUpdate.  There is no application actually named Norton Internet Security.  You should be able to launch any of these from the Norton Quick Menu (black and yellow ball on the right side of the menu bar) or from the /Applications/Symantec Solutions folder.  If any are missing, then something did go wrong with the installation.  If so, you may need to run the Uninstaller and try reinstalling.

Sorry for the confusion.

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